The Korean Society of Emergency Medicine

About KSEM
This society pursues research and exchange of emergency medicine knowledge and support of friendship and interest of members.

Thus, the following businesses are executed.

  • 1. Academic activities including conferences and lectures
  • 2. Publication of soceity jounals and other scholary books
  • 3. Domestic exchanges of information and knowledge related with emergency medicine
  • 4. Encouragement, supports and scholarships for researches of memebers
  • 5. Affilicatio and cooperation with related societies and associations
  • 6. Researches and developments of medical system and polies related with growth of emergency medicine
  • 7. Matters related with training and specialist quailifications for emergency medicine
  • 8. Overall businesses to protect friendship and interests of members
  • 9. Other businesses for developments of the emergency medicine society