The Korean Society of Emergency Medicine


The Korean Society of Emergency Medicine became an associate member of Korean Academy of Medical Science in November, 1991, and it was approved as a regular member in June, 1995.

Since the foundation of the society, affairs were performed majorly by directors.

However, as affairs of the society increased, subcommittees were installed in 1996 for executive directors to divide affairs.

In order to adapt to rapidly changing medical environments, the executive system of the society was revised.

A special director system was newly established for more detailed division of affairs.

The board of directors is working on affairs of academics, examinations, trainings, finances, plannings, publications, insurances, liaisons, domestic and foreign educations, policies, information and without portfolios.

Each director operates a committee to divide and handle affairs quickly.

The board of directors is composed of 3 small board of directors to replace regular board of directors.

The three small boards of directors are academics, policies and plannings/information.

Academic small board of directors is working on academics, examinations, trainings and publications.

Policy small board of directors is working on policies, insurances, liaisons and finances.

Planning/information small board of directors is working on plannings, information and domestic and foreign educations.

Different web sites and e-mails are prepared for each committee to perform affairs more efficiently and economically.

The major affairs are about planning and progresses of conferences (spring conferences and fall conferences) of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine.

  • In principle, spring conferences are held in the 3rd Thursdays and Fridays of every April.
  • In principle, fall conferences are held in the 3rd Thursdays and Fridays of every November.
  • Abstracts to be presented at conferences should be submitted to Academic Committee 40 days before the conference.
Matters related with academic affairs

It deals with opinions about medical disputes or medical malpractices and academic exchanges with other related groups.

It is also writing 2 specialist exam problems for each subjects of symposiums and training lectures in conferences.

Academic Affairs Committee's Contact Information

Chun Song Youn(Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea)

International Relations Committee's Contact Information

Young-duck Cho(Korea University Medical Center)

* The committee is in charge of the following affairs related with specialist examination.

  • Development of the 1st examination questions for specialist examination.
  • Solutions and readjustments of questions.
  • Selection of questions.
  • Management of the 2nd examination for specialist examination.
Examination Committee's Contact Information

Seong Beom Oh (Dankook University Hospital)

Training Committee handles overall matters about trainings of emergency medicine specialists.

The affairs of Residency Training Committee are:

  • overall matters about training courses and contents of specialists,
  • investigation of hospitals for emergency medicine training,
  • cooperation and communication on matters related with specialist trainings with Korean Hospital Organization,
  • researches and developments of methods for quality improvements of emergency medicine specialist training,
  • affairs about personal statuses of emergency medicine specialist and their training issues.
  • affairs about outlines of emergency medicine area among hospital standardization evaluation, and
  • other matters related with specialist training.
Residency Training Committee's Contact Information

Kyoung Jun Song (SMG-SNU Boramae Medical Center)

Education Committee's Contact Information

Oh-Hyun Kim (Yonsei University Wonju College of Medicine)

Sin Youl Park (Yeungnam University College of Medicine)

Hyun Soo Chung (Severance Hospital, Yonsei University)

Treasurer Committee's Contact Information

Sun Pyo Kim (Chosun University Hospital)

Exhibition & Public Relation Committee is in charge of domestic and international affairs of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine, public relations of conferences and public relations of journals.

Domestic and international affairs include promotions of medical lawmaking by composing task force teams in cooperation with polity team leader of Korean Academy of Medical Science in case there are disadvantageous laws or no necessary laws for emergency medicine specialists and status of emergency medicine.

Also, recently, the committee is working as a member of TFT supervised by the policy team leader about matters related with emergency medicine funds in order to help the society members.

The enterprises participating in conferences are very important for public relations of the society. For developments of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine, more members should stop and sign the visitors' book by at the booth during the conference periods.

Also, please participate in conferences and sign visitors books for all booths as much as possible. If there are companies you want to recommend, please contact to Exhibition & Public Relation Committee of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine.

If you have suggestions and advices for Exhibition & Public Relation Committee, please contact us via the following E-mail

Exhibition & Public Relation Committee's Contact Information

Yong Su Lim (Gil Medical Center, Gachon University)

  • Bimonthly publication of the Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine (February, April, June, August, October, December)
  • Researches for improvement of matters related with the Journal of the Korean Society of Emergency Medicine (submission regulations, submission ways, etc.)
  • Researches to improve the quality of journals
Publication Committee's Contact Information

Sangchun Choi (Ajou University School of Medicine)

Policy Planning Committee deals efficiently with frequently changing emergency medicine policies, develops policies for emergency medicine developments by composing policy teams and reflect such policies actively to related organizations in order to enhance interests of all members and quality of emergency medicine.

Policy Planning Committee's Contact Information

Hyun Wook Ryoo (Kyungpook National University School of Medicine)

Legislation Committee's Contact Information

Yeon-Ho You (Chungnam National University Hospital)

Information Committee collects domestic and foreign information about emergency medicine and introduces such information to the society members to promote developments of emergency medicine area. It also performs maintenance and repairs of the society web site.

  • Management of the society information
  • Production of the web site
  • Overall management, operation and upgrades of the web site
  • Other affairs related with information management of the society
Information Committee's Contact Information

Jinwoo Jeong (Dong-A University College of Medicine)

Insurance Policy Committee's Contact Information

Giwoon Kim (Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospital)

The major affairs of Public Relations Committee are establishments and promotions of public relation policies, and it handles overall matters about domestic and international public relations of the society.

The major affairs are:
  • overall affairs related with public relations of the society including establishment and executions of public relations about emergency medicine to citizens, the government, the press and members,
  • matters related with production and publication of public relation data, and
  • other matters assigned by other committees.
Communication Committee's Contact Information

In Byung Kim (Myongji Hospital)

Young-Rock Ha (Bundang Jesaeng Hospital),

Planning & Coordinating Committee's Contact Information

Sang Do Shin(Seoul National University Hospital)

Member of Board Committee's Contact Information

Jin Hui Paik(Inha University Hospital)

Yong Hwang (Wonkwang University Medical Center)

Hong-Jae Kim (KS Hospital)

Research Committee's Contact Information

Hyun Kim (Yonsei University Wonju Severance Christian Hospital)

Editorial Board Committee's Contact Information

Tae Oh Jeong (Chonbuk National University Hospital)

General Affairs Committee's Contact Information

Kyung Woon Jeung (Chonnam National University Hospital)

KTAS Committee's Contact Information

Jung Soo Park (Chungnam National University Hospital)

Seok Ran Yeom (Pusan National University Hospital)

yung Won Lee (Kyung Hee University Hospital at Kangdong)

Byung Hak So (St. Vincent's Hospital, The Catholic University of Korea)

Eun Kyung Eo (Soonchunhyang University Bucheon Hospita)

Soon-Joo Wang (Hallym University Dongtan Sacred Heart Hospital),

Sung-Woo Lee (Korea University Medical Center)

Sung-Phil Chung (Gangnam Severance Hospital, Yonsei University)